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tv   Dw News  LINKTV  June 29, 2015 2:00pm-2:16pm PDT

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รณ ng tense in greece. national bankruptcy could be hours away. athens will not be able to pay the international area -- international monetary fund. alexis is urging greeks to reject the terms of the international aid deal in a referendum to be held next sunday. just moments ago, he said that the vote to reject the deal, the
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greater the negotiating position will be. egypt's achieve prosecutor is killed in a suicide bombing. the man brought thousands of islamists to trial including former president mohamed morsi. and this year's third grand slam tournament has gotten underway at wimbledon. fans will head to southwest london to see reigning champion novak djokovic. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] i'm sarah harman, welcome to the show. an increasingly defiant greek prime minister staunchly defends the move to put the decision on a bailout in the hands of the people. alexis tsipras commented that they will likely not throw grease out of the eurozone
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because the cost would be enormous. and according to next sunday's referendum the stronger the rejection of the creditor deals, the stronger greece's case will be. whoever calls, i always pick up. dw's correspondent in athens we will bring him in for some analysis. hillis us more about what the prime minister had to say. >> we had some blame game. some european partners blame greece for not presenting concrete proposals during negotiations or for not being credible. he tried to turn the tables saying that, unfortunately, it was the other side. there were not behaving properly. they were given to understand
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that they were in favor, or at least, not against the extension of the great program the negotiations with other means. he would not be able -- sarah: what exactly are the greek people being asked to decide on? >> that is a complication. the people do agree with the
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latest proposals by international lenders. and in a comprehensive way understand what it's all about. sarah: thank you for the update from athens. reese will not be able to repay the 1.6 billion euro loan by tomorrow's deadline. that is according to information the germany finance mr. -- minister received from athens. they could be facing default. and looking at greece's uncertain future.
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the reform proposals and don't want a new agreement with greece's creditors. there is a growing sense that even when they are working the most they can draw in a day is 60 euros. >> i need 20 euros to buy medicine. i don't know if i will be able to. people have to heat -- eat and drink. they have cut our pensions and now this. >> i am against europe.
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it makes me very sad. >> it is terrible and very cruel. everything is closed. maybe not even when it reopens. >> groups are forming to approach the pros and cons of the referendum. many locals rely on it for income. >> and right now, people think it comes here -- they are not going to have any money from the banks. the basic income of greece, if you take out of it, you have nothing.
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and they come here with their own money. >> it is a lot of news in finland. we took some more cash with us and we hope we are stable and and long term, i hope that they will be ok. >> it is the only point that the politicians, creditors and greece seem to agree on at the moment. sarah: she is the woman the greeks loved it hate as the debt crisis as -- has unfolded and now they are looking to chancellor angela merkel for a lifeline. she is one of a number of leaders to keep greece in the euro. after next weekends referendum, only if the people of greece vote yes to a bailout deal.
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>> the leaders of all the german parties, they told reporters that although they were deeply disappointed in the government, they would not desert greece now. it is crucial that there is effort and solidarity. that will continue to be our position. because i am convinced the euro will collapse if these principles aren't observed. and we don't want that to happen. meanwhile, the deputy made clear that greece won't receive a new offer from creditors because the greek people have been asked to vote on a specific proposal. that vote would be a clear
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decision against remaining in the euro. the astaire it he policies that ruin southern europe have not led to the results that people said they wanted. we believe it is obvious. there must be an urgent summit called. if you look at the result of talks, it's apparent that europe can't run the risk of the euro failing greece for the sake of 400 million euros. but the chancellor won't do with the opposition is urging. angela merkel wants to wait and see. they'll will debate the issue on wednesday. >> concern about greece and what might happen is blowing across the atlantic. brock obama spoke with his french counterpart to urge the europeans to keep talking. there is white house spokesman
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josh earnest. josh: the thing we have indicated in the past. it is important for the party's around the negotiating tble to develop a package of reforms and financing that would allow greece to return to growth and debt sustainability within the eurozone. we believe it's important for all the sides even in advance of the referendum to continue to engage in constructive conversations. sarah: richard, we just heard josh earnest talking about the need for constructive conversations. what do you make of that? >> that is a key part coming from washington. so many thousands of kilometers away from the very evident anger that has developed on both sides of the crisis in the eurozone.
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there is very much the sense that cool heads need to prevail. the thing i would highlight is that he is referring to the need to return greece to a path of growth and debt sustainability. debt sustainability is code for cutting the volume of greece's debt. sometimes that is referred to as a haircut. that is what greece has been demanding the last few months and the eurozone has not wanted to provide that. on that point, the u.s. appearing to side with the greeks. sarah: richard doesn't -- in athens and greece's creditors? >> they won't put it in quite some many words, but that is the view. and while they see it having played a pretty bad hand in the negotiations, they understand
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and rather agree with the basic analysis which is that posterity has been imposed too harshly on greece. it has prevented that return to growth that would make it debt sustainable. sarah: that is the view from washington. richard walker, thank you so much. with how investors are reacting to the greece crisis? ben: stock seven going down all day, it doesn't matter where you look around the world. standard & poor's has downgraded greece's credit rating to junk territory. let's go over to new york where the national correspondent is standing by.
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a thumbs down fromhem? what do you think? >> i'm not sure we need the rating agencies to tell us that something is rotten. the downgraded not help and the s&p, they have induced the chance that greece will be leaving the eurozone by 50-50 at this point. ben: we have facebook these days for a thumbs up or thumbs down. what about the reaction to equity markets? >> it's not as bad as the u.s. even if pressure did increase here. it is down 2%. it is the biggest downward movement in about -- in more than a year. we did see some pressure that if you look at the united states, it is a pretty closed to economy and does not depend on exports.
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especially not on trade with greece as much as we have seen. it is more than an american issue at this point. ben: back over to sarah with more international news. we will have more business later on in the show. sarah: let's look at the other stories making headlines around the world. germany has offered security assistance to tunisia in the wake of the beach shootings. the prime minister said berlin will help to ensure the safety of tourism. 38 people were gunned down. the 35-year-old confessed to the gas factory crime, admitted to the heading his boss before ramming his van and to the land
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-- into the plant causing an explosion. you are watching dw news. still to come in our show. all eyes are on london as one blend gets underway. taking a look at the top tennis tournament. all that and more


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